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Welcome to the California Fish Website!

This site provides information and links about California's freshwater and anadromous fish, current aquatic management issues, and research that is being done to improve the conservation of native fish species.

What's New?  Help us to beta test the Cal Fish App! Use your smartphone, tablet, or other geo-location-enabled device to get information on the freshwater fish species for your current location in California. Then answer a short survey to help us to improve the app. Ask us how you can create a bookmark or icon on your device for quick access to the Fish App!

Fish Species Profiles Find information on the life history of the fish species of California both native and non-native. Simply search by species name. You can also search by the county and watershed in which the species is found.

Publications *NEW Reports being added* Read scientific literature on topics connected to freshwater fish and California’s watersheds.

Research Projects Find out what work is being done in the field right now to learn more about California’s fish species and the habitats they live in.

Conversions and Glossary Browse a listing of definitions and explanations to supplement and clarify the rest of the information on the site.

Fish People Learn about some of the scientists currently studying our local fishes and their habitats.

California Fish Photo Library Need a large format version of a picture? Go here for larger format versions of some of the pictures seen on this site along with other photos that are not on this site. Go here to learn about photo use and copyright.

Aquaculture Go to the website of the Aquaculture Specialist, Dr. Fred Conte.  Go to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Aquaculture page for information, including sources of native fish stock.

Have a sick pet fish? The Small Animal Clinic at the UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital sees fish. Clients can make an appointment at 530-752-1393.

For more information The fish species location information on this website is derived from the PISCES Database of the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, from a database version obtained on 2 February 2014. Most of the fish identification and life history information on this site can be found in greater detail in the book Inland Fishes of California written by Professor Peter B. Moyle and available from the University of California Press, copyright 2002.

Contact Us Have a question or comment? Want to contribute a photo of a “missing fish”? Need Fish ID help? Ask a CalFish Expert! Please upload 1-3 photos for identification.

Thank-you to the people who have contributed to the development of this site: Dr. Terry Salmon, Shelley Collier, Dr. Beth Chasnoff, Dr. Peter Moyle, Brian Hodge, Jenna Voss, Craig Fergus, Dexter Fernandez, Karl Krist, David Krause, Dr. Josh Viers, Nick Santos, Dr. Rebecca Quinones, Adam Lum, Himali Rajakarunanayake,  Alyssa Obester, Dylan Beaudette, Anthony “Toby” O’Geen, Richard Massa, Michelle Tobias, Patrick Kilduff, and Chris Derr. Thanks also to all the people who have contributed photos of fish!

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