Fish Species

Fish Species by Watersheds : 'Tish Tang a Tang Creek-180102111204'

Freshwater native and non-native fish species present currently and/or historically, determined from the PISCES database (Feb. 26, 2014).  Some species, such as salmon or steelhead, may no longer be present upstream of dams that lack fish passage.

Yes/No corresponds to California native species

American Shad

  • Alosa sapidissima
  • No
  • Thumbnail. American shad, head. Caught on the Feather River (Star Bend boat launch) on 4 July 2008. Approximately 20 cm TL.  Photo by Brian Currier.

Brook Trout

  • Salvelinus fontinalis
  • No
  • Thumbnail. Brook trout, captured in Lassen Creek, Modoc County, CA, on 8 July 2007. Photo by Dave Giordano

Brown Trout

  • Salmo trutta
  • No
  • Thumbnail. Brown trout, approximately 20 cm (8”) long. Location: Deer Creek, California Date: 6/21/2007. Photo by Dave Giordano

Chum Salmon

  • Oncorhynchus keta
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Chum salmon, adult. Captured at the mouth of Chico Creek on Puget Sound, in Kitsap County, Washington, 8 November 2007. Photo - Larry Coté.

Coastrange Sculpin

  • Cottus aleuticus
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Coastrange sculpin, approx. 85 mm (3.5

Klamath River Lamprey

  • Entosphenus similis
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Klamath River lamprey. Captured from the upper Trinity River near river mile 85 on 22 July 2009. Photo courtesy of John Hileman, CDFW.

Klamath Smallscale Sucker

  • Catostomus rimiculus
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Klamath smallscale sucker, captured from the maintstem Klamath River near Orleans, CA. Photo by Brian Hodge, Humboldt State University.

Klamath Speckled Dace

  • Rhinichthys osculus klamathensis
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Speckled dace, approximately 7 cm (3”) long. Date: 7/8/2007. Photo by Dave Giordano.

Northern Green Sturgeon

  • Acipenser medirostris
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Green sturgeon, juvenile, in tank. Photo courtesy of Dennis Cocherell, UC Davis.

Prickly Sculpin

  • Cottus asper subspecies
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Prickly sculpin, approximately 10 cm (4”) long. Location: Suisun Marsh, California. Date: 8/6/2007. Photo by Dave Giordano.

Upper Klamath-Trinity Spring Chinook Salmon

  • Oncorhynchus tshawytscha
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Chinook salmon. Spring-run Chinook salmon (female spawner) swimming in Butte Creek, CA on 14 September 2006. Photo - Lisa Thompson, UC Davi

Western Brook Lamprey

  • Lampetra richardsoni
  • Yes
  • Thumbnail. Western brook lamprey. Location: Prairie Creek, CA. Date: 2011. Photo by Michael Sparkman, CDFW.