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Research Project Description

Management of Leonard Lake


Leonard Lake, CA. Photo by Lisa Thompson.
Leonard Lake is the largest natural lake in Mendocino County, and is located approximately 140 miles north of San Francisco, California. The managers of the lake are interested in the current state of the lake, and in managing it sustainably for future generations.


We seek to characterize the limnology of the lake at the present time, and to provide a baseline for comparison with future changes such as those that might be anticipated with climate change.

Research Activities

We conduct an annual mid-summer limnological survey, plus continuous monitoring of air and water temperature across the summer season.


We are currently in the fifth year of this project and are in the process of analyzing the data set.

Outcomes and Impacts

Residents at the lake have been briefed on our methods and preliminary results, and have participated in the surveys. Lake managers are using our preliminary data to inform current lake management decisions.

Supporting Information

Thompson, Lisa C., Christopher M. Dewees, and Christine M. Dewees. 2009. Limnology and fish of Leonard Lake, Mendocino County, California in 2007 and 2008. 8 August 2009. Cooperators Report, 35 p.


This project is funded by the UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

For more information contact

Dr. Lisa C. Thompson

Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology Department
University of California, Davis

Phone: (530) 754-5732

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